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ImageHarvey Field
is located in Snohomish County adjacent to Washington Highway 9, one mile southwest of the town of Snohomish. There are 325 aircraft based at the airport, including 305 single-engine, 7 multi-engine piston-powered, 2 turboprops, 6 Ultra lights and 5 helicopters.

The latest available data indicate that Harvey Field had a total of 140,000 annual operations. Runway 15L-33R, is the Airport's primary paved runway, and Runway 15R-33L, is the Airport's grass runway used during the dry months of the year.  Both runways are 2,671 feet in length. Neither runway end has a published instrument approach; however, an Instrument Approach Procedure (AIP) will publish for Harvey Field on August 30, 2007.

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